Friday, 10 April 2015

Cold War Warrior with a blunt Trident

I thought I had done with blogging but a touch of the 'Age shall not weary them' has led to this.
The anger arising from the Trident submarine position risks the rebirth of a Nasty Party. Despite reducing our armed forces to the status of a re-enactment troop, the guys in the Big House still want their toys at what is a hideous cost. Walk softly and carry a big stick is good advice but we have perverted it to do not put boots on the ground and carry a paper shield. The days when we would intervene anywhere and any how have gone.We will not see any repeat of dramatic rescues or heroes descending onto a London Embassy. Any such action is now relegated to the Wednesday Punch and Judy show of PMQ whilst women and children die in some far off land.

The scenario I pose is that our watchers in some underground bunker will get a 'phone call that someone somewhere has fired a couple of ICBM and they are headed in our direction. Trident subs were established in the now redundant days of Mutually Assured the finger will hover over the Launch Button while the threat is assessed. Is the report some cyber-warfare gambit? Are they really coming at us? Are we in range? And the Big One - are they nuclear?  And all the while these 21st Century doodle-bugs are fizzing their way through space. There has been no deterrent; just that paper shield bearing the reference to Excelsior. All the scrimping and scraping to provide War Game toys has come to naught.

Fade slowly to black .........